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teaching contract

Conditions of Music Tuition


1. Lessons


Mr Slade will give tuition during term time, totalling approximately 30 lessons throughout the year. Advance notice will be given of any weeks during which professional commitments prevent Mr Slade from teaching.

For all students, extra lessons may be provided where necessary if this suits all parties (Mr Slade/Pupil/Parent/Guardian). Any necessary adjustment of fees will be made at the end of term.

In the event that Mr Slade has not been able to teach all lessons billed, the difference can either be refunded at the end of the academic year, or reflected in the invoice for the following term's tuition.

2. Timetabling


Mr Slade will send timetables to parents on a weekly basis and by the end of the preceding weekend. If the Pupil has a conflict or absence that will prevent them from attending a particular lesson, the Parent/Guardian must inform Mr Slade by the end of the preceding Thursday so that the timetable can be planned accordingly, and to avoid forfeiting the lesson in question.


Mr Slade will rotate timetables to avoid The Pupil missing the same academic lesson repeatedly. It is the responsibility of The Pupil and their Parent/Guardian to forewarn Mr Slade of any potential clashes before the Thursday preceding the teaching week in question.


Some Pupils, where mandated by School policy, will have a fixed slot outside of their lesson time, though they should continue to check the timetable weekly in the event of any unforeseen changes. It is the responsibility of the Parent to ensure the Pupil checks this regularly and seeks the permission of the academic staff at least 24 hours in advance to miss the appropriate lesson(s).


3. Absence


Lessons missed due to Pupil absence (including illness) cannot be refunded unless in exceptional circumstances. Lessons missed due to teacher illness will be rescheduled, carried over or refunded as necessary.


4. Payment


Payment will be requested termly for the specified number of lessons. Payment is due in advance, and within fourteen days of receiving the invoice. Lessons may be suspended if payment has not been received by this time.


5. Termination of Tuition


Either signatory to this Agreement may give written notice to terminate it at least half a term in advance. This means that Mr Slade or the Parent/Guardian has until the beginning of the half term break to give written notice if the Pupil will not be continuing beyond that term, and that notice received after this point will be for the cessation of lessons at the following half term. It will not be possible to refund lessons already paid for, unless in the case of exceptional medical circumstances. 

6. Failure to give notice

Unless terminated under Condition 5 above, this Agreement shall continue from term to term. If the Parent/Guardian fails to give full notice to terminate this Agreement, the following charges will be made in lieu of notice:

   a) Where the notice given is less than that required under Condition 5, but is one month or more before the start of the next term: 50% of the fees for the next term.

   b) Where the notice given is less than one month before the start of the next term: 100% of the fees for the next term.


If the Pupil stops attending lessons during a term, the Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) is not entitled to a refund of any fees paid for that term. The Pupil is entitled to attend any lessons paid for.

7. Communication


Notification by email or text of a last-minute absence would be appreciated.


Mr Slade is available by email at, or telephone at 07904408057 in the event of any queries, questions or concerns, and can be expected during term time to respond in a timely manner.

8. Examinations/public performances

The Pupil will not be entered for any examinations/competitions/performances without the prior consent of both the Pupil and Mr Slade (and the Parent/Guardian, where appropriate).

9. Online lessons


During periods in which the school is closed during term time, or if either Mr Slade or the Pupil is in isolation, lessons will be given online via the school's preferred video conferencing software.


The Parent/Guardian shall be responsible for a suitable location for online tuition. The Parent/Guardian shall be responsible for provision of technology suitable for the online tuition and shall ensure that any applications or other technology specified by the school for the tuition is installed and tested before online lessons commence. Mr Slade is not liable for any delays or disruptions caused by technical difficulties of whatever nature at the Pupil’s home or their location for the lessons. Mr Slade shall not be required to make up any time lost through such incidents. 

10. Safeguarding in online lessons

The parties agree that safeguarding in the online environment is of paramount importance and agree that they shall observe best practice and professional guidance (such as advice to teachers from the ISM) in safeguarding and child protection at all times. The Pupil or Parent/Guardian agrees to follow any safeguarding requirements specified by the Teacher. In particular, The Parent/Guardian must ensure that the Pupil receives their lesson in a public part of the house (i.e. not the Pupil's room).

The Pupil, if aged 18 or under, must only contact Mr Slade with timetabling or lesson questions at his school email address. All other communication must go via a parent/guardian. Inappropriate behaviour or use of inappropriate or unlawful materials during the lessons by the Pupil may result in the Teacher terminating the lesson immediately and the teacher reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, in which case the Teacher shall not be required to refund any fees previously paid.

11. Data Protection

Mr Slade will process personal data about the parent and pupil in accordance with Data Protection law, including the Data Protection Act 2018 (as it is amended or superseded) and other related legislation. Mr Slade will process such personal data: as set out in the School's Privacy Notice as may be amended from time to time; in order to comply with any court order, request from or referral to an appropriate authority, or legal, regulatory, or good practice requirement; and to perform the School's obligations under this contract, and where otherwise reasonably necessary for the School's business purposes.

12. Governing law and jurisdiction


This Agreement shall be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction of the location for the lessons (specified above) and the signatories to this Agreement agree that any dispute relating to the subject matter of this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that jurisdiction.

I, the Parent/Guardian, accept the offer of tuition for the Pupil indicated below, on the terms and conditions as stated above, and agree to be bound by them until the termination of this Agreement.

Thank you for submitting. You will receive a copy of the contract by email shortly.

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