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There are few things more distracting for a performer than an intrusive photographer. Whether it's the "stealthy" creeping you notice in your peripheral vision, or worse, the artificial shutter click of a mobile phone echoing around the hall, photographers can jeopardise great performances with a lack of care.

This is why I approach photographing concerts from the point of view of the performer, and use discreet equipment with a quiet or silent shutter. After all, the most effective images will be the ones in which the artists are solely focused on their performance.

I apply this principle to other events, such as parties, receptions and weddings. How people interact with one another is much more interesting than how they react to a rapidly approaching photographer with a giant lens!

If you'd be interested in hiring me for your event, please get in touch at or using the form below.

With grateful thanks to the featured performers:

The Berkeley Ensemble, London

Elisa Sutherland, mezzo-soprano

​Samuel Boutris, clarinet

Sarah Hawkey, soprano

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