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Originally from the south coast, I'm now based in Oxford and London (with frequent trips to the south coast), pursuing my dual passions of music and photography. I specialise in flute and baroque flute, though occasionally inflict my conducting and composition skills on unsuspecting audiences. 


Back when I was an undergraduate, I had to sell my photographic equipment to help fund my course, but a decade later an unforgettable tour to India rekindled my love of photography in a big way. Friends and colleagues started asking for headshots, and I started taking on more work photographing events as well as portraits.


With the exception of my India photos, all the images on this website were captured with my Fujifilm X-series cameras and lenses. I'm an enthusiastic convert to the Fuji system, as I find it gives me superb image quality that is ideally suited to portraiture, whilst allowing me to operate discreetly at weddings and concerts.

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